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Instructors Gallery

Guru Muda Rick Reid

I began my training in Hung Gar Kung Fu a southern style Chinese martial art in the early 70ís training under Instructor Chester Chin from the Fu Jow Pai Kung Fu School in Chinatown. He taught as an instructor at the Aaron Banks Karate Academy in Manhattan. I then studied Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan under Sifu Shum Leung of the Northern Eagle Claw school previously located on 34th St. and Ninth Avenue. I first began studying Pentjak Silat at the Indonesian consulate under Guru Tharyana Sastrenegara in the style called Perisai Diri. I was an instructor under the guidance of my teachers in all three styles. I am now studying Eskrima Silat (The Black Leopard System) under Guru Zachary Jenkins Chief Instructor and fellow instructor Guru Muda Robert Hilliard. It is in this system that I seek to complete my study of Pentjak Silat and hopefully one day become a full instructor as well.



Guru Muda Rudy Rianom

Rudy started training in martial arts at the age of 10, where he practiced Shotokan Karate under Sensei Alex Sternberg.  At the age of 14, he was introduced to an Indonesian Martial Art known as "Pencak Silat" where he studied under Mas Hadi Harsono in the style of Silat Al-Azhar. Rudy returned to Indonesia to continue his interest in martial arts by learning various types of silat styles among others: Telapak Suci, Tiga Berantai and Merpati Putih.  Years later, Rudy was introduced to Silat Perisai Diri (PD) in New York City and was one of the first students to study under the guidance of Mas Tharyana Sastranegara. Rudy continued to practice Silat PD for more than 10 years. Rudy was introduced to Guru Zach Jenkins and Escrima Silat by his fellow silat PD brother, Guru Muda Robert and was very fascinated at the simplicity, direct and logical aspects of the Silat Eskrima style.  Rudy now continues to enjoy teaching and practicing Eskrima Silat Fighting Arts under the tutelage of Guru Zach Jenkins.


Guru Muda Dan "Meka" Fuentes

Daniel J. Fuentes was first introduced to the martial arts when he was a young boy at the age of seven by his aunt Aida Morrero. (Aida was well versed in the art of Jujitsu) Aida introduced Daniel to "empty mind meditation" and self-defense techniques.  Daniel began training in Chinese Kung-Fu when he was 12 years old by a local instructor named Arthur Favors.  Arthur was a skilled fighter trained in Northern Style Shaolin Boxing.  Since the inception of his initial training which was over 24 years ago, Daniel has had the opportunity to train with several independent masters of Chinese, Indonesian, and Filipino Style Martial Arts.  Daniel trained for many years under the late Grand Master Chen Tai San.  Grand Master Chen was an instructor in rare forms of Chinese Kung-Fu systems called Lama Pai Kuen, Pak Mei, and Choy Lay Fut.  Daniel also trained with under Doctor Mou Chuan Jing, a master of the Chinese Internal Arts and a professional practitioner of Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.  Daniel trained in Taiwan and the Republic of China under prominent Kung-Fu masters for a time before returning to the United States to resume his training.  Currently Daniel trains with Grand Master Abdul Amir Mutakabibir (Founder of SWAM) and Guru Zach Jenkins (Founder and Chief Instructor of Eskrima Silat Fighting Arts).


Guru Muda Robert Hilliard

Robert Hilliard was introduced to Pentjak Silat and Guru Zach Jenkins in 1996 by his childhood friend Daniel Fuentes. A martial arts enthusiast since age seven, Robert spent many years studying various Chinese disciplines. However, Robert was immediately drawn to Silat’s graceful yet brutally efficient counter attacks. Although eager to learn more, it would be some years before he would be able to study Silat on a constant basis since Guru Zach was still actively enlisted in the military. However, over the next few years, Robert made it a point to attend as many of Guru Zach’s seminars that he could. Today, Robert studies exclusively with Guru Zach and teaches Eskrima Silat in New York City.