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I would like to dedicate this web site to all of the instructors that have influenced my path in the martial arts.  Some of the instructors I have trained with for several years and others mainly through seminars and/or workshops. I do not claim any appointments to any posts that I am not certified, nor do I claim to be a representative for any particular organization without proper consent.  I list the following people out of respect for their character, friendship, and generosity in sharing with me their knowledge. 

Grand Master Abner G. Pasa, Punong Guro Krishna Godhania, Pendekar Paul de Thouars, Grand Master Sijo Abdul Mutakabbir, Guru Dua Tim Anderson, Guru Ken Pannell,  the late Pendekar Herman Suwanda, Grand Master Jatsu Chung, Master Kim Moo Gi, and Master Yu Yong Chu. Thank you.


Dalem Group

Zach, Bernd, Junior, Meka, Donielle, Robert, Lillian, Rudy, Rick, Antonio, Michael, and Bianca

last updated 6/19/2008

Eskrima Silat Fighting Arts is dedicated to the preservation of the ancient Southeast Asian fighting arts of Indonesian Pentjak Silat and Filipino Eskrima.  These arts are learned separately and when the concepts of both arts are mastered, the practitioner moves on to the last stage which is to combine them into one fighting skill.  

                                           Guru Zach Jenkins